About your tour guide

Journalist-historian and lecturer, your proposed english speaking guide is working since more than 10 years with Caraktère editions, specialized in military history.

He writes for many magazines: Batailles et blindés (Battles and Armoured), Ligne de Front (Frontline) and Trucks and Tanks who he helped to create.

He had published over a hundred articles and monographs about the history of mechanized warfare.He is also the creator of Panzer Battle Guide Collection where in he meets a great success with his first book on The battle of Stavelot-La Gleize .



Reference about the book wrote by your guide :

"An excellent reference to have with you in the car if ever you visit the area."


"The two authors have acquired a deep knowledge of this period and explain throughout the book how one of the best tank units of the second world war, equipped with the most powerful tank ever produced to date, finally failed and lost nearly all of its tanks."


"A truly 'definitive' Ardennes Tiger book, with all available photos, still hasn't been produced. And maybe never will."

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