Battle of the Bulge

With our program, accompanied by a guide-lecturer, bilingual expert ( English and French), we will explain to you the historical context, the objectives, the preparations , the targets for this battle and the heroic resistance of these American boys. After having set the scene, we will drive you through landscapes and Ardennes villages in heart of the « Stalevo-La Gleize » battle, route of the armored task force commanded by the Obersturmbannführer Joachim Peiper, sadly known for its exactions and particularly for the massacre of Malmedy at the Baugnez crossroads.

This program, led by our guide-lecturer an Ardennes author worn-out to the questions relative to this episode of World War II, answers the double objective to reconstitute the facts and to explain why, finally, he could not be there differently.

The program

Accompanied by a guide-lecturer, placed in almost real situation, you will follow the progression of each fight…

Day 1 : The massacre of Malmedy and the defeat of the Peipers Tiger Tanks.

• 10.15 (am) : Rendez vous with your guide-lecturer at the Ticket hall of the Liège-Guillemins station, work of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava Valls.

• 10.30 (am) : Start from the Liège-Guillemins station, road to Baugnez, first step of the tour. There, during the lunch, in order to help you to understand the combat's real issues, you'll be completly briefed about the Battle of the Bulge.

• After the lunch, audio-guided visit of the museum « Baugnez 44 Historical Center » and stop at the Massacre of Malmedy memorial.

• Then, from Baugnez to La Gleize passing via Stavelot, under the direction of your guide, step by step, you 'll follow the route of Peiper column's Tigers II, discover the stigmata still existing of the battle et understand finally the reasons of the Peiper's defeat at La Gleize.

• In the afternoon, step in la Gleize. There in front of a authentic Tiger II tank (213) your guide will describe the strengths and the weaknesses of this steel monster. You 'll understand why the American Sherman Tank was best suited for this theater of operations.

• After a break, road to Marche en Famene, passing via Manhay and Hotton in order to arrive at your hotel in early evening.

• Rest of the day free, you will discover by your self the historical heart of this old medieval city who has kept some very beautiful old buildings from XVIIth, XVIII th and XIXth centuries, streets and narrow old back-streets in a pleasant foot zone with many bars and restaurants.

• Free meal and night in your hotel in Marche en Famene.

Day 2 : the battle for Bastogne.

• After your Breakfast, always accompanied by your guide-lecturer, starting from your hotel at 08.30 am for a visit of the American front line during the siege of Bastogne.

• You'll begin the visit by the « barrière Hinck, place where the 326th US Medical company has been captured by the German 116th Panzer-Division.

• Continuing to Noville, location of the heroic resistance of the task force Desobry helped by the 101th Airborne Division.

• Then, visit of the remains of the Foxholes of the Famous « Easy Company » immortalised in the Stephen Ambrose's book « Band of brother », adapted in a recent American TV series.

• 11.45h-12.30h: Quick lunch in the center of Bastogne

• 13.00h: Visit* the "Bastogne Barracks" high location of the Battle of the Bulge, headquarters of the famous general McAuliffe who said in reply to the German ultimatum his famous and historic "Nuts!" ; followed by the visit of the "Vehicle Restoration Center" restoration workshop armored vehicles of the Royal Army Museum (*Every day except Monday).

• You will end the visits in Bastogne by a passage in "Mardasson Memorial" and "Bastogne War Museum 's shop

• At around 15.30pm, always accompanied by your guide, you will go by road to the Ciney station end point of our program and where you have the opportunity to take the direct train to Brussels and other Belgian cities.

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